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Welcome to IBEW Local 1914
Photos clockwise from left:  USS City of Corpus Christi, Indian Point, USS Gerald Ford, Comanche Peak, Beaver Valley, USS Pittsburgh, USS Los Angeles, Diablo Canyon, USS Seawolf

Information from the October 22 meeting with the Company regarding the vaccine mandate can be found under the COVID-19 Tab.

OBERG INDUSTRY Organizing Campaign

After contact from several Oberg employees, an organizing campaign has been launched, in co-operation with our International office. For information please go to:


Regular Monthly Membership Meetings: 


Third Wednesday of every month

Local 1914 Union Hall

7:40am 3rd Shift 

1:45pm 2nd Shift

3:40pm Daylight




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 All the above photos show our products in action. Highly reliable, critical function components manufactured by world-class craftsmen represented by IBEW Local 1914.


                        Red On Thursdays…    

                    Why Wear Red On Thursdays? 

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) started the tradition of wearing red shirts on Thursdays as a show of collective support for local unions during contract drives.  It started as a memorial for a worker and union official who was killed while walking a picket line during a strike in New York in 1989. 

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is not about disrespect for management.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is about supporting the union in the contract negotiation process.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is having a voice in that process.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is protecting your job and your wages.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is showing collective support for our Union Contract, and doing your part for your union.

 For all these reasons and more, support your local Union and yourself!


                                    WEAR RED ON THURSDAY!




Leadership changes in IBEW Local 1914 

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Red-Shirt Thursdays continue


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